Pentax K-1 sample photos

I've been given permission to post sample photos from the new Pentax K-1 full frame digital SLR camera.  However, I am limited to post at VGA resolution.  I know that it's not a good way to judge image quality, but any photos are better than no photos.

Hands-on with the new Pentax K-1 full-frame DSLR

I was fortunate enough to have Richo Imaging let me try out a pre-production Pentax K-1 full-frame digital SLR.  A Pentax brand 135 full-frame has been in development in one way or another since the late 90's, so after nearly two decades, this highly anticipated camera is finally just around the corner. 

I won't get too into words here.  Rather, I ask that you watch my hands-on video on YouTube if you want to hear my thoughts: https://youtu.be/CvCxb17LIwo

As for the rest of this post... I'll just fill it with pictures!


I was recently invited along with a few other journalists to the USS Ronald Reagan, which is undergoing maintenance in Japan.  Not much to write about, but though I would share some photos.


Forget the news!

Other than adapting to my dog's condition, I decided to get back into photographing people for anything but news.  No, it's not a career change, but I have been too caught up in work that I nearly forgot about what makes me happy. 

I ended up with a bad cold that lasted a week, went away, then returned.  During this time I started thinking about the days when I used to enjoy photography.  I ended up picking up a Pentax K-S2 and decided to photograph a few people to see if I could rekindle my love of photography.


Dog days of summer are over

This summer in Japan was quite hot.  Many things changed during those few months.  Most difficult of all was my dog Buick (left) being diagnosed with with a disease called SARDS for which there is no cure or recognized treatment.  Unfortunately, it left him totally blind.  You can somewhat tell by this photo of him making his first friend since then.  It did not last long though as Buick was just too scared.


Inside my bag

It's been a while since my last post.  I've been doing more newspaper writing and television work in front of the camera than before, but still have my love for being behind the lens.  For the sake of not waiting a year for an update, I'll just leave you with this photo of what's in my bag.  Although I do not take all of this with me all the time, this is most of my stills equipment.  I have a few other lenses and body or two not pictured, but this is more or less what I use for work.

Yes, I do prefer crop cameras over 135 full-frame.  This might be why I am one of the rare photographers who use Pentax.  They seem to be the only ones out there taking the APSC format for DSLR seriously these days.  Any questions or comments for me?  I'm always happy to reply.


The Ponies!

Although I have not kept up with my blog and portfolio, I'm still around.  Work has kept me pretty busy and as such, I have not done much with my blog over the past year.  While the rest of this year may not see many updates as it's nearly over, I will make an effort to update more often.  For now, here I am at the races!