You never know when the moment will come


I was at a press conference for the new Nissan GT-R last October where Usain Bolt was a special guest.  Featuring the Olympic gold medal winner who just happens to be very camera friendly was a great way to get the media to take note of a new car.  The event was packed with more journalists in one location than I've seen for a while before or since.

Needless to say, it was quite difficult to secure a good location and there was no room to move once you did.  Changing lenses was a non-starter in this tight space, so I made do with what I had.  Unfortunately, what I had was not quite wide enough and I ended up missing a shot that would have been perfect when the moment came and went.

I was a bit disappointed that I missed what would have been a great shot.  My colleague was smart enough to have a wide lens ready and was able to get a shot that was awesome in my opinion.  I spent a few minutes reflecting on what I could have done to get the better shot while I was going through my images from the event.  After looking through them, I thought these were good enough.  Not the perfect shot that I would have wanted, but good enough.

I spent a little extra time at the event after everyone had gone home.  I decided to see if there was anything else to shoot that might compliment the story.  Suddenly, Bolt went back on stage to pose for some friends and I was presented with a rare moment when he was doing it for himself, not for the press.  In the end, everything really worked out.  Simply by sticking around to try and get just a little bit more, I ended up with what I think was my top shot of the event.

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