Forget the news!

Other than adapting to my dog's condition, I decided to get back into photographing people for anything but news.  No, it's not a career change, but I have been too caught up in work that I nearly forgot about what makes me happy. 

I ended up with a bad cold that lasted a week, went away, then returned.  During this time I started thinking about the days when I used to enjoy photography.  I ended up picking up a Pentax K-S2 and decided to photograph a few people to see if I could rekindle my love of photography.

Megumi was one of the first models I shot with the new camera.  The weather was less than ideal, but we managed to make it work.  It was a fun shoot.  I only wish the weather and time would have been better.

About a week earlier, I photographed an actress since she wanted some new shots.  I've known her for a little while, so I was happy to be the photographer she worked with.  It was lots of fun and I hope to shoot her again.  Too bad the weather here was also poor.

Overall, I was happy with the way everything went.  I really enjoyed shooting with my new camera.  The Pentax K-S2 is fantastic.  I'm amazed at just how far digital cameras have come in the last decade.  I can only wonder where things will go.  For now, all I can do is enjoy and keep shooting.

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